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Aluminum Plate Panels are made from solid aluminum. This paneling system is sustainable, reliable and fire-resistant. Panels are available in numerous colors and finishes and are the material of choice for flat cladding systems.

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Aluminum Plate Panels are made from solid aluminum sheets. This material is extremely durable and reliable compared to the common high-gauge Aluminum Siding products available in the market. Aluminum plate Panels are non-combustible. They are in compliance with fire-code standards and are one of the best sustainable cladding material in construction industry. In CLADDERS we send these panels for a complete paint-job after fabrication. Aluminum plate panels are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Two of the main advantages of aluminum plate panels over Aluminum Composite Material (ACP) are resistance to fire and renewability and eco-friendliness.

3mm Aluminum plate is a flexible material which opens door to shaping the panels into curvilinear elements that require bending the material. In better words, this is a great option for column cladding and post covering. 1/8″ (3mm) Aluminum Plate Sheets are a great material of choice for complex shapes with customizable color and finish.

Advantages of Aluminum Plate Panels

  • Increases acoustic performance due to the fastening system and air cavity behind the panels.
  • Lightweight (easy mounting to a variety of indoor and outdoor wall assemblies)
  • Can be formed into any panelized shape and dimension due to workability and ease of fabrication.
  • Extremely durable against environmental elements
  • Non-combustibility and fire-resistance

In summary

For smaller scale projects, Aluminum Composite panels (ACM Panels OR ACP) is a better choice. This is because, ACM Panels are pre-finished and less expensive. Aluminum Plate panels, however, are more expensive and production process is more complex.

There are numerous architectural elements which can be manufactured out of Aluminum Plate Panels. These elements are within but not limited to canopies, pergolas, lobby, façade, awning, wall cladding, elevators, public spaces interior wall covering, etc.

Best applications of Aluminum Plate Panels

  • High-rise Residential Buildings OR Office Buildings
  • Eco-friendly, Sustainable and renewable Architecture
  • Application in special projects with high level of fire-safety concerns.

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