Precast Concrete Panels

Product Overview:

In CLADDERS we provide our clients with a wide range of concrete panels and concrete wall solutions which you can apply on exterior wall, interior feature wall, fireplace and chimney, countertops, etc. The difference is mainly because of the type of aggregate, rebars and mesh, and other concrete additives.

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Precast Concrete Wall Systems

Precast concrete is one of the widely used construction materials in 21 Century. Almost an entire building can be made from precast components: beams, columns, slabs, wall panels, staircase, and cornices.

Precast concrete is available in a large variety of shapes, textures and sizes. They range from structural elements and reinforced pieces to foam concrete with light-weight mesh and fine aggregates. Concrete sandwich panels are precisely engineered to provide rugged and durable surfaces for walls and can be used for floors, as well. Precast concrete panels are manufactured in factory settings all year round during any type of weather.

Concrete Panels Transportation & Installation

The precast concrete panels can be installed quickly to form a solid building enclosure, once the footings are purred. Panels can be just about any size, as long as the trucks, trailers and Toronto streets can accommodate them and the hoist equipment can maneuver while placing them. The range of concrete colors is quite wide when white cement is used. Connections between panels are made either by grout columns (hollow core slabs) or by bolting or welding plates cast with the concrete. It can contain recycled materials like fly ash and rebar, which may help contribute to credits in green rating systems. A well-made concrete construction stands the harshest range of high and low temperatures throughout the year. Light-weight concrete panels can also be used as a rain-screen solution.

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Advantages of Precast Concrete Wall Panels:

  • Custom panel sizes: the casting process is not limited to a particular size
  • Available in a variety of finishes, colors and mineral pigments
  • Ease of Installation and reliability of the clipping system
  • Sustainable and Energy Efficient: renewable & tight building envelopes
  • Physical Properties including fire, rot, termite, and mold resistance
  • Standard and Building Code Compliant based on ACI 318 for Reinforced Concrete
  • Precast Concrete walls provide excellent sound attenuation for reducing hallway noise.

Disadvantages of Precast Concrete Wall System:

Concrete weighs about 150 pounds per cubic foot, so precast items are heavy. Cranes and other lifting equipment should be appropriately sized to handle the panels. Tight quality control of dimensions allows panels to be erected quickly at the site with only a minimum of field adjustments.

Types of Precast Concrete Panels

In general, there are 2 categories of concrete wall systems. 1) Heavy Precast Concrete Elements and 2) Light-weight Foam Concrete Panels. There are pros and cons for each concrete wall system.

Exterior Precast Concrete

The well-know precast concrete exterior elements. This type of concrete wall consist of heavy pieces of formed concrete which will be put together as to form the exterior enclosure. This is the same type of concrete used in foundations, staircases, beams and road construction. In better words, this is what known as construction concrete for years including rebars, Portland cement, gravel, crushed stone, sand and some other additives.

Light-weight Concrete Panels

Foam concrete, also known as light-weight cellular concrete, is mainly produced from fine aggregates such as cement, fly ash and sand. Instead of rebars, in this type of concrete we use different types of light-weight mesh to put the materials together. As a result, its total density is as low as 400 kg/m3 whereas for classic concrete it is almost 2,400 kg/m3. This type of concrete is formed into thin panels and can be applied as the exterior enclosure.

Technical Details:


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