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We are a leading supplier and contractor of modern metal cladding solutions in Toronto, Canada. Our wide range of metal siding profiles includes corrugated panels, metal cladding planks, and standing seam siding products. With professional installation services available for residential, commercial, and industrial projects across the Greater Toronto Area, we provide tailored solutions that combine exceptional quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Trust our experienced team to deliver flawless results that enhance the overall look and performance of your property. Contact us today to explore our extensive range and experience the excellence of our products and services.

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Metal Cladding Solutions in Canada

Metal Siding, also known as Metal Cladding, is One of the most popular and economical exterior solutions that has been around for years. This solution is mainly manufactured from sheets of metal coils. This process includes cutting, bending, OR roll-form the Aluminum OR Steel coils. Metal siding products are available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and finishes. The thickness of the metal sheets also referred to as gauge, is also an important quality factor in the durability and smoothness of the panel surfaces.

Your Metal Siding Contractor in Toronto

If you are in the market to purchase a modern metal cladding solution for a new build OR a refurbishment project, consider this reliable and cost-effective alternative. Metal cladding, traditionally a mainstay in industrial construction, has evolved significantly in recent years. Advanced technologies and skilled craftsmanship have now enabled the use of metal siding in high-end residential projects. This shift has allowed for a more diverse application of metal cladding, moving beyond its industrial roots to embrace a more sophisticated and adaptable role in residential design. The material’s durability, combined with a greater range of aesthetic options, positions metal cladding as a prime choice for contemporary high-end residential construction. The combination of advanced metal cladding technologies and our expert team’s craftsmanship ensures that every installation is not only structurally sound but also aesthetically aligned with the sophisticated standards of high-end residential design.


Metal Siding Profiles

There are 3 types of common steel metal siding solutions in the North American market. We categorize them based on the shape and the size of the profiles and their fastening systems. Some of the profiles come with bot concealed OR exposed fasteners. These 3 main categories are 1) Metal Panels, 2) Corrugated Steel Panels and, 3) Standing Seam Metal Roof/Cladding.

1. Steel Metal Siding Panels (Planks)

Metal siding panels are manufactured through a 3 step process. The first is the shop drawing. Here the designer defines the length, width, and depth of each panel. Then the production line cut the proper pattern, based on the design, out of prefinished metal coils on the first station. Ob the next station, the operators will bend the panels into their final form. These types of metal panels have a smooth surface and straight edge to form a flat panel system. Metal Panels can be used for commercial, agricultural, AND modern residential projects. In addition, this type of building material offers ease of installation, good insulation, durability, and weather resistance. It is also available in printed wood finishes as a more durable solution than regular wood siding.

This type of metal siding is mainly used for commercial buildings, sheds, agricultural buildings and modern houses and projects. Corrugated metal panels are manufactured from steel sheets through a roll forming process to form a continuous corrugated profile. In CLADDERS we have over 10 different profiles. The advantage of this type of panel is that, unlike ACM Panel, it offers a continuous look and weather protection properties while it is considered to be the cheapest metal cladding solution. In addition to that, it adds amazing shadow details in different hours of a day! If you are looking for a metal siding that is both durable and weather-resistant, corrugated metal might be the right choice for you!

Standing seam metal siding is a type of exterior cladding that typically consists of steel or aluminum and forms permanent waterproof seams as it runs vertically up the side of a building. It has been popular in the U.S. since before WWII and remains common today both on new construction and as a replacement for older sidings such as wood shake and shingles. Standing seam metal siding is available in a wide range of colors, including earth tones, bright primaries and metallic finishes. Panels can be flat or textured depending on the manufacturer and most brands offer a variety of panel profiles so you can choose one that matches your home’s architecture.


Frequently Asked Questions

The term ‘metal siding’ can be used to describe any metal product that is applied to the outside of a building as an exterior cladding. While there are many types of metal products, all function in very similar ways. Metal siding products share many common features, each with unique properties and applications. Finishing touches such as color and texture change a flat aluminum surface to a finished look making it attractive and stylish option for your home or office building.

Aluminum Siding – Aluminum is known for its durability, strength and resistance to corrosion making it ideal for contact with the earth’s atmosphere. A finish coat of paint makes aluminum siding resistant to dirt, oil, gas and most chemicals whether acidic or alkaline in nature. Aluminum siding has some flexibility and can bend slightly, making it the most versatile of all types of metal siding.

Stainless Steel Siding – Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosive elements even in high moisture environments. The only threat would be direct contact with high-grade acids over a period of time which could result in pitting if left untreated. Specialty coatings are available for stainless steel siding products to help prevent staining and corrosion.

Galvanized Steel Siding – Galvanized steel was originally used as an electrical conductor, but is now commonly used on homes as exterior cladding due to its strength, durability and affordability. A thin layer of zinc is applied during manufacturing providing a durable rust resistant coating for this type of metal siding. Galvanized steel is also available with a powder – coated finish which provides additional resistance to corrosion and scratching.

Aluminum Composite Siding – Aluminum composite siding products combine the strength, durability and resistance to corrosion of aluminum with the energy efficiency and affordability of vinyl making them an ideal choice for both new construction and replacement applications. With more colors, textures and designs than any other type of cladding material on the market today it’s no wonder why so many builders and homeowners choose aluminum composites as one of their exterior finishing options!

Aluminum is a durable material that resists damage from weather, moisture and pests. Because aluminum is well insulated it reduces heating and cooling costs (aluminum conducts heat at about one-third the rate of other common siding materials). It won’t rot or rust; requires less maintenance than vinyl; and won’t peel or blister because moisture can’t penetrate its surface. Its smooth surfaces resist dirt buildup, making them easy to clean. Aluminum sidings come in a wide range of colors and styles allowing you an almost endless choice in decorating your home’s exterior appearance.

Metal siding on the market today is flexible, lightweight and easy to handle. It comes in two basic styles: vertical panels that are usually sold flat (flush with the surface on which they’re installed) or corrugated (with ridges like an accordion). Panels of either style can be easily cut around windows, doors and other openings. Vertical siding can also be custom-formed to wrap around corners or along rooflines. Corrugated metal siding is available in aluminum, steel or vinyl-coated polyester; it’s often used for privacy fencing around decks and patios.

Metal siding is available from a wide range of manufacturers in different grades, from basic models to luxury products with options such as brick patterning, natural wood grain and simulated stone or even real brick. Installers can match colors to virtually any home décor.

When considering metal siding options, you should also be aware of the latest technology – vinyl siding. Vinyl is available in a wider selection of styles and colors than ever before, and it’s easier than ever to maintain and install. If you’re looking for something more traditional there’s always wood clapboard siding too!

Metal cladding can be a great way to protect your home or business from the elements. It is also an efficient way to insulate your property. However, metal cladding can be expensive. The cost of metal cladding will vary depending on the type of metal you choose, the size of the area you need to cover, and the installation costs.

The average cost of metal cladding can range from $8 to $15 per square foot. For example, if you need to clad a 20×20-foot area, the total cost would be between $3,200 and $6,000. Metal cladding is an investment, so it’s important to factor in the long-term costs when deciding if it’s the right choice for your home or business.

There are several factors that will affect the cost of metal cladding. The type of metal you choose will be the biggest factor. aluminum cladding is the most popular type of metal cladding and usually the most affordable. Stainless steel cladding is another popular option, but it is more expensive than aluminum. Copper and zinc are also options for metal cladding, but they are even more expensive than stainless steel.

The size of the area you need to clad will also affect the cost. Larger areas will obviously cost more to clad than smaller ones. The complexity of the installation can also affect the price. If you need to install metal cladding on an irregularly shaped area, it will likely cost more than if you were covering a simple rectangular area.

Finally, the installation costs will also affect the total price of the project. If you hire a professional to install the metal cladding, it will obviously cost more than if you do it yourself. However, hiring a professional can save you time and ensure that the job is done correctly.

Overall, the cost of metal cladding can vary widely depending on the factors mentioned above. However, it is generally an affordable option for many homeowners and businesses. It is important to compare prices and get multiple quotes before making a final decision.

The cheapest metal cladding is typically roll formed galvanized steel. Corrugated Panels are generally the cheapest type of metal siding offered by CLADDERS. Aluminum siding is generally in the middle range. However, copper and zinc are also options for metal cladding, but they are even more expensive than Steel siding and Aluminum siding.

Some advantages of metal cladding include the fact that it is durable, low maintenance, and can increase the value of your property. It is also an efficient way to insulate your property.

Metal cladding can be expensive. The cost of metal cladding will vary depending on the type of metal you choose, the size of the area you need to cover, and the installation costs. There are also some disadvantages to metal cladding. It can be noisy in rainstorms and when hit by hail. It can also dent easily. Finally, it is not as fire resistant as other types of cladding.

Metal siding can be applied vertically OR horizontally. Because of the quality of finish and durability of the material, some profiles can also be applied on roofs such as Standing Seam and Corrugated sheets.

At first, this solution may sound very easy-to-work with and straightforward, but it is not. If you are considering metal siding as an option, try your best to find the best metal siding contractor in your area.

Let’s learn more about this amazing rain screen solution:

Non-combustible Metal Siding (Steel Siding) Types:

There are different ways that we can categorize metal cladding profiles and fastening systems. The most common ways are as follows. We rather do the heavy lifting of the calculations and technical details after you choose the design and the final look.

Steel Panels Layout – Horizontal/Vertical:

These panels can be applied in many arrangements. In better words, we can install them Horizontally, Vertically, 45 degrees and more. Our designers can help you choose the best layout based on the overall design of your building.

Exposed/Concealed Fastener Solutions:

There are 2 general types of metal cladding solutions; 1) Exposed Fasteners and 2) Hidden Fasteners. In general, one of the advantages of hidden-fastener metal siding (HF steel cladding) over a solution like Corrugated Metal Cladding is the hidden fasteners and screws. Contrary to Corrugated Panels, this rainscreen solution is an interlocking cladding system. In better words, each panel hides the screws of the panel next to it. Because of that, the final look is very clean and elegant.

Physical Properties:

These metal panels are available is a variety of thicknesses (gauges) and can be formed into any lengths and widths. Please check the photo below to see some of the popular profiles and the dimensions you can change based on your design and project requirements.

CLADDERS corporation is a full-service metal cladding contractor. We design, supply and install this popular solution while we also take care of the waterproofing and trim-works.

Technical Details:

Ease of installation

Easy to install

Sustainability Factor

Totally Renewable and Sustainable Solution

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