Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl siding is one of the most popular and inexpensive plastic exterior covering for houses and small apartment buildings. This solution is available in a wide range of colors, textures and profiles such as board & batten or shakes.

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What Is Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl is on of the most durable siding materials against the elements. Vinyl is one of the commonly used exterior products. This inexpensive siding solution is available in a wide range of colors and styles, from wood to flat solid surface.

On the one hand, Vinyl siding is inexpensive, readily available in home improvement stores, easy and quick to install, and simple to maintain. On the other hand, vinyl siding is breakable, not paintable, and because it is widely known as a cheap material, sometimes will lower your home’s resale value.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding


Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl can be Shaped into any Texture and Form

Vinyl siding profiles come in numerous UV-resistant colors and a broad variety of textures and designs-including horizontal and vertical profiles to match any architectural design and style. These profiles are available in different dimensions and lengths. Manufacturers of Vinyl did their best to produce a low maintenance material with timeless exterior design and curb appeal. After years of testing and improving, the newer teardrop lock design ensures the durability and ease of installation.

Vinyl Siding is Pre-painted and Fade-resistant

Almost all of the siding materials are coated with a coloring layer. The advantage of the Vinyl siding is that the color is inside the material and is 100 percent homogeneous. This means that the color cannot be physically scratched off, or peal away. So, in order to maintain it, you don’t have to repaint it every year. Bottom-line? The better the quality of the raw material the more stable the color will be trough the years. In CLADDERS we supply from the highest quality manufacturers in North America.

Vinyl Siding Is Cheap Compared to Any Other Siding Material

Vinyl cladding is one of the most inexpensive siding materials available in North Americas. Compared to Vinyl siding, fiber-cement or metal siding can cost two to four times as much as vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is the cheapest siding material available in the market. This material is widely used in North Americas. So, today it is known as the cheapest remedy for any construction project.

Vinyl Siding Is Almost a No-Maintenance Solution

You can maintain your Vinyl siding by washing it with soap water OR your garden hose. Although, some of the darker colors are going to slightly fade throughout the years, many of the light colors will endure the UV and the elements for decades.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Siding

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